Strotz Impact –
pulling together

You are looking for solutions. You need to act.

You are responsible for a company or a business unit, producing and selling technical products and services. You are facing the following challenges:

  • Your organization is in a period of transition. However, you are short of know how or capacity to manage this change.
  • A key manager is about to be replaced
  • An important project or initiative is not progressing

You can take the opportunities. Interim management will be your solution

  • You have to substantially increase the profit margin of a business unit
  • In your market you are attacked by an aggressive low cost competitor (LCC)
  • You want to benefit from growth opportunities in Asia

You want to grow, profitably. Consulting for growth will be your solution

As an experienced business and project leader with a proven track record for successful implementation, I may know strategic and operational answers to your challenges.
Together with your team I will develop and implement measures which will produce results to achieve your objectives.

Current success stories

  • Support for the set-up of an R&D competence center in Shanghai – Case Study
  • Development of a new breast pump up to serial production – Case Study
  • Development of a new, innovative industrial sensor – Case Study
  • Development and Implementation of a conflict-free Dual Brand Concept – Case Study

Pulling together